Flavorless THC-Free CBD Oil
Everyday | Tincture | 2,000mg CBD
8 Reviews

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Care is a THC-free CBD tincture formulated for rapid absorption, minimal flavor, and maximum versatility. We keep it simple, using MCT oil as a carrier, and a dash of vitamin E to maintain freshness.

Use it to support stress relief, aid with minor pain and inflammation, or as part of your daily health routine. You should CARE about yourself and get the CBD your body deserves to help with anxiety, skin disorders, hair shine and overall health and wellness.

CBD Content:
• 2,000mg CBD per bottle
• 3mg CBD per drop
• 66mg CBD per dropper full
• 30 dropper fulls per bottle

Suggested Use: Take 1–3 full dropper fulls daily. Increase or decrease dosage per your desired effect.  *Do not exceed 6 full droppers per day.

Care Potency 1-5-21
Care Microbial Test Results 1-3-21 

Heavy Metals Test Results 1-6-21

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CBD isolate from hemp, MCT Oil, Vitamin-E

What Customers are Saying

8 reviews for Care
  1. Brandi

    Care has become such an important part of my daily routine! Since taking it I have noticed such an improvement in my skin and digestive health.

  2. Taylor Mahoney

    I could not be more happy to have found care division and incorporate Care into my daily life!!

  3. Sasha

    Taking Care has changed my life! It has helped with my anxiety. As a bonus, I have noticed an improvement in my skin/hair health.

  4. Sarah

    This tincture is flat out amazing!! I have psoriasis, and have struggled to keep it under control for several years. I recently purchased Care, and can’t believe how quickly I started to see positive results! I apply it topically as well as orally daily, and am so thrilled with the improvement. Highly recommend!

  5. Jack van Son

    Part of my night-time routine to reduce inflammation and help me sleep. Works very well for me. Value for price great

  6. Chan Xiong

    Best value and the test results are so amazing. I was worried about the content but no issues with this brand . I have had great results.

    Chan Xiong

  7. Janelle H.

    I love this product . My skin has never been better. I don’t only use it under the tongue but put it on my problem skin areas and they are gone in 3 days. For me this works.

    Janelle H.

  8. Anonymous

    A great product!

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