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Sleep | Tincture | 500mg CBD
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Discover a harmonious blend of CBD and botanicals that promotes a sense of calmness in the mind, while GABA, Melatonin, and 5-HTP provide support for a restful sleep. Our botanical blend for relaxation includes passionflower and valerian root, which may contribute to enhanced dream recall.

Enjoy this blend to unwind and awaken with a renewed sense of vitality.

CBD Content:

  • 500mg CBD per bottle
  • 1mg CBD per drop
  • 17mg CBD per full dropper
  • 30 full droppers per bottle

Suggested Use: Take 1-3 full droppers approximately 30 minutes before bedtime to support sleep.

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GABA • Passionflower Extract • Valerian Root


What Customers are Saying

44 reviews for Dream
  1. Brandi

    Love this product! Helps me sleep through the night and I wake up feeling great and without the grogginess I experience when taking melatonin and other sleep aids.

  2. Sasha

    I used to take melatonin or zzz quil every night before bed and would wake up so groggy. Dream has changed my life! I wake up every morning well rested and energized ready to conquer the day with the help from “Move!”

  3. Chris

    Great product! Dream helps me sleep and I wake up feeling fantastic.

  4. Katie

    I sent my grandparents Dream hoping to help them sleep better. I also use it to combat my own sleep issues. Can not recommend this product enough.

    *Edited to remove potential medical claims.

  5. Linda

    I love this product! I have had problems falling asleep for years. Dream really helps me to relax and gently fall asleep and wake up feeling refreshed.
    I have recommended Dream to several friends who have also had great results! I highly recommend Dream!

  6. Theresa

    Excellent! Super alternative remedy for schizoaffective bipolar disorder-mania! I use it during the day as well:) Calm and clear, not groggy. Take daily for best results!

  7. Isabelle Resnick

    I got a bottle of this CBD oil when I went to Colorado recently (no THC) and when I tell you I’ve never slept better in my life… I have had sleeping issues for years, and now, I fall asleep and stay asleep. It feels miraculous. If I could order a lifetime supply, I would. If you’re having sleep issues, I feel you. I’ve been there. I hope this product helps you as much as it has helped me.

  8. Michelle

    Love this product! It’s the first CBD product I’ve tried that actually provides real results. Really helps calm my mind before bed. Not perfect, sometimes I’m extra anxious and wake up in the middle of the night, but I can definitely see an improvement in my sleep.

  9. Nancy Tictak

    I am finally sleeping through the night. Dream has been a lifesaver for me. I wake up refreshed and without that groggy feeling other sleep aids cause. Thank you Care Division.

  10. Anonymous

    Best cbd sleep tincture on the market.

  11. Jill Randy

    Finally a good night sleep ! Amazing product

  12. Jennifer

    I’ve been using dream for about 6 months and I highly recommend it!

  13. Micki Smith

    I have never slept better. I can’t recommend this product enough.

  14. anonymous

    I can finally sleep so happy!

  15. Anonymous

    I order this product for my husbands mother and she is finally sleeping. It has been a game changer for her.

  16. Ryan

  17. Rick

  18. M. smith

    I am finally sleeping I love Care Division Dream

  19. Deedra

    Really works for my husband and he wakes feeling refreshed.

  20. ridge c.

    Finally sleeping. I ordered dream for my mom as well and she is so happy and sleeping thank you care division you killed it!!!!!!

  21. Luis

    10/10 would recommend!

  22. Anonymous

    I sleep like a baby with this.

  23. John C.

    Very happy with this product! It is as advertised and helps me get deep sleep in-between hard workouts!

  24. hsram41

    I’ve had injuries at work in 2006 resulting in 6 spine surgeries in the past several years. I have not had a whole night of sleep without waking up every 4 hours with my back and shoulder and neck aching, so badly that the pain wakes me up.
    My very 1st night taking, Dream…I slept all the way through the entire night! I woke up SHOCKED that I had not gotten up at all.
    Not only did I sleep so soundly and peacefully, when I got up my joints didn’t ache and I could stand up straighter right away and I just felt so calm and refreshed.
    This mixture is TRULY a MIRACLE find!
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!
    I LOVE it & am drawn to the flavor of it now too. 🙂

  25. Joseph H.

    I love this stuff. I get a solid night sleep with vivid dreams that are just crazy. Wake up rested and feel like I was on vacation.

  26. Anonymous

    This product does wonders for my insomnia

  27. Lindsay

    I always have trouble sleeping and nothing helps me rest like Dream!

  28. Luis

    Really works

  29. Anonymous

    Again, I think your products are high quality, and I’m sure they are effective for many people, but for whatever reason, I did not notice a difference in my sleep challenges after using it.

  30. David

  31. NurseAnnie65

    This product is awesome. I have had Degenerative Disc Disease for 30 years & have had 15 spinal surgeries. Due to having a spine full of rods & screws, it is so hard for me to get to sleep, stay asleep & wake without feeling so tired. My boyfriend got me this product & I can not stop raving about it. Not only do I fall asleep quickly, but I stay asleep ALL NIGHT! This product has changed my nighttime for the better. Also, the sisters, Montana & Madison, who formed this company are absolutely the best. Wonderful customer service. I am getting ready to try their other products & hoping to be able to get off of high pain medications I’m currently on.

  32. Kaathy Hooper

  33. ASH

    Seems to be very relaxing. Soothing… Ok really I just love the flavor!!! Like very subtle Italian bread.

  34. John C.

    Best sleep-based CBD Product on the Market!

  35. Lisa L.

    CARE CBD oil provided me with such great pain relief that I cannot understand why DREAM does not work me. It had no effect on my ability to fall asleep at night. I don’t recall seeing reviews on this product when I purchased it but surely I can’t be the only one, so you probably won’t be seeing my review. I tried increasing the dose each night but sadly never got resolution.

  36. Anonymous

    I purchased it for my elderly mother who has insomnia. This has worked the best of anything I have purchased for her.

  37. Anonymous

    Relaxes me for sleep. Does increase dreaming.

  38. Anonymous

  39. Stephen

  40. Aaron shaw

    Best sleep products on the market hands down! I’ve tried everything including over-the-counter as well as medical products and this blows them all away. This has improved my quality of sleep tremendously and I can’t thank care division enough for the care you have provided for me.

  41. Lisa L.

    Dream works wonderfully for helping me fall asleep. I have to use two .75ml droppers for it to be effective but it definitely works!

  42. Shelley Miller

    I’m sleeping great.

  43. Anonymous

    Really works

  44. Joseph Hernon

    Great smooth taste with a nice off to sleep feel.

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