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Pain Relief | Tincture | 1,000mg CBD
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Hemp and Black Cumin Seed combine to help promote an end to pain and inflammation. Thymoquinone, a powerful ayurvedic compound found within Black Cumin Seed Oil, works with CBD to support extra strength pain relief.

Use it daily to support recovery, combat pain, and target inflammation.

CBD Content:
• 1,000mg CBD per bottle
• 1.5mg CBD per drop
• 33mg CBD per dropper full
• 30 dropper fulls per bottle

Suggested Use:  For pain and inflammation use 1–4 full droppers per day split into two doses.



Pure CBD isolate • No THC • CBD From Colorado Hemp • Third-Party Tested • Vegan • Gluten Free • Made in Colorado


CBD isolate from hemp • Black Cumin Seed Oil • Ginger Oil

CBD isolate from hemp, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Ginger Oil, MCT Oil and Vitamin E

What Customers are Saying

3 reviews for Mend
  1. Jadyn Reddy

    This product is absolutely amazing. I had a hip injury with pain that lasted three months, I tried everything from deep tissue massage, supplements , acupuncture etc. and this was the only thing that worked. I’m beyond happy I have found something that relieves pain and lasts!

  2. Erin Riley

    Words can’t describe how amazing this product is. I play competitive sports and as I’m getting older, body parts were starting to ache: hips, knees, etc. The MEND tincture has been crucial in keeping me on the field. Give it a try- you won’t regret it!

  3. Sam A

    I can’t get enough of Care Division’s Mend product! I had really bad back pain and Mend helped more than my chiropractor.

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