Discomfort Tincture
Discomfort | Tincture | 1,000mg CBD
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Our carefully crafted blend of Hemp and Black Cumin Seed is designed to support the body’s natural processes. The synergistic combination of Thymoquinone, a compound found in Black Cumin Seed Oil, and CBD enhances their effects, creating a comprehensive sense of all-over body comfort.

Integrate this tincture into your daily routine to promote all-over body recovery. The unique flavor derived from Black Cumin Seed oil adds a delightful touch to this blend. Furthermore, this versatile tincture can be utilized as a natural facial serum to address breakouts and nurture clearer, healthier-looking skin.

CBD Content:
• 1,000mg CBD per bottle
• 1.5mg CBD per drop
• 33mg CBD per dropper full
• 30 dropper fulls per bottle

Suggested Use:  1–4 full droppers per day split into two doses.

Our Promise

Pure CBD isolate • No THC • CBD From Colorado Hemp • Third-Party Tested • Vegan • Gluten Free • Made in Colorado


  • CBD isolate from hemp • Black Cumin Seed Oil • Ginger Oil * Vitamin E

CBD isolate from hemp, Black Cumin Seed Oil, Ginger Oil, MCT Oil and Vitamin E

What Customers are Saying

34 reviews for Mend
  1. Jadyn Reddy

    This product is absolutely amazing. I had pain that lasted three months on and off, I tried everything from deep tissue massage, supplements, acupuncture etc. and this was the only thing that worked. I’m beyond happy I have found something that relieves and lasts!

    *Edited to remove potential medical claims.

  2. Erin Riley

    Words can’t describe how amazing this product is. I play competitive sports and as I’m getting older, body parts were starting to ache: hips, knees, etc. The MEND tincture has been crucial in keeping me on the field. Give it a try- you won’t regret it!

  3. Sam A

    I can’t get enough of Care Division’s Mend product! I had really bad pain and Mend helped.

    *Edited to remove potential medical claims

  4. Kelly Himebaugh

    I have bad spinal pain due to arthritis and overall aging. I’ve tried a few other CBD products and this one seems to work the best. My advice is consistency, not just when you are in pain. Thanks Care Division for a good product that works!

  5. Harrison Tims

    Mend is my favorite Care Division product. It helps reduce inflammation and pain. I often use it after a tough workout. It has also been a great gift idea to my family members everyone loves it!

  6. Dolores S.

    This is the best product we’ve found after trying several, in terms of its relieving effect on pain. Great job CD.

  7. Anonymous

    Love this for my moms knee pain

  8. Joyce Heminfield

    I was suffering from hip pain especially at night . I take 2 dropperfuls of Mend at night and sleep thru the night without pain!

    Joyce Heminfield

  9. janet H.

    Best Hip Pain relief on the market. I can’t thank Care Division enough . I am finally sleeping thru the night.

  10. Mark Smith

    I love MEND. I take this before I hike and I have no Knee pain on my hike and can finally enjoy the views instead of focusing on the pain.

    Mark Smith

  11. Anonymous

  12. William Hughes


  13. Nicholas

    Amazing products. I have been using CARE products for awhile now and they are the best in the industry. I use their CBD for inflammation in my joints and you can feel the difference immediately. Also helps with anxiety. My products arrived within a few days where other brands take forever.

  14. Deedra

  15. Abby

    I take Mend before my golf game and am pain free during the game, definitely makes a huge difference.

  16. Lorraine MEYETT

  17. Candice S

    great product topically . I put mend on a rash I had, and the redness and itching stopped right away.

  18. Jennifer K.

    Got for my husband who is battling a cancer diagnosis. We feel it is helping along with his other pain meds synergistically and making him more comfortable. Will purchase again!

  19. Anonymous

    I have tennis elbow, but when I use mend I able to play pain free

  20. Sandra

    This product has been a blessing to me
    It has significantly reduce my chronic pain in my back and leg that I had suffered for years due a nerve damage a friend of mine told me about it and I decided to give it a try, I am very happy with this product;
    I highly recommend it!
    I have used all their products and I love them! (:

  21. Danny G.

    I use this product everyday. I am able to walk and hike pain free.

  22. sherri m.

    Best products I use them everyday. Mend helps with my tennis elbow

  23. Anonymous

    I’m sure it’s a great product–perhaps my ailment is too severe. I didn’t notice an improvement.

  24. charles mckinney

  25. Anonymous

    Taste is very strong, but so is the relief

  26. ISELA R.

    I bought the product for my mother who lives in Costa Rica and she says that the product is good, she have felt the change, it does not taste good but the end result is good because she feel better.

  27. Judith Holley

    This is the most effective CBD for my Arthritis joint pain and inflammation pain!!!!

  28. Antoinette

  29. Jeanne V.

    Helps my pain

  30. Anonymous

    This is the best pain mend product I’ve found.

  31. sherri m.

    If I didn’t take mend daily I would not be able to play pickleball

  32. Anonymous

    Awesome stuff.

  33. Steven

    Nice blend of other ingredients to help with healing.

  34. Kim Ross

    Thank you for relieving a lot of arthritic pain!! 😊

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